Just because grapes are good





It is an error to suppose that because grapes are good, a drink made by fermenting their juice is also good. We have learned that fermentation changes the nature of the substance fermented. Vinous fermentation changes healthful grape-juice into poisonous wine by changing its sugar, which is a food, into alcohol, which is a poison.


Midnight Suppers



Editor’s note: I’ve become kind of fascinated by the idea of midnight suppers especially as a party. Imagine having a bunch of people over to eat a meal (generally finger food or sandwiches) served after midnight. This really doesn’t happen anymore (does it?), but I come across these in novels from the era. I think I first came across them in the Betsy-Tacy books by Maud Hart Lovelace which were set in the very early 20th century but were written in the 1940’s and 1950’s.


Midnight Suppers: “Come around nine” is a welcome invitation I hear with increasing frequency from friends who like to bring ten to twenty or more friends together on a Friday or Saturday night, but who do not have the time, stamina, money, or inclination to cook, serve, and clean up after a dinner party for that many.

I always look forward with pleasure to such a party.

Never one without the other



Editors note: I’m glad that this is something that has really changed.



When an invitation is given to a couple, both are expected to refuse if one happens to be otherwise engaged, especially if that one is the husband. It is disconcerting to a hostess, who may be having her troubles finding enough men anyway, to hear, “Bill has a committee dinner that night–but I’d love to come.”

Otherwise known as the Midwestern goodbye


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Editors note: This is for Ms. Morgan who hates it when this happens. Now you can point to it being bad manners!



Some member of the household always goes to the door with the departing guest. The guests who will be remembered gratefully are those who express thanks for a pleasant time and take themselves off without due delay. Long chats in the hall or doorway, while other guests are wondering what has happened to host or hostess, are sure to take some of the shine off a party.

Just get a hobby



Editor’s Note: The paragraph is fine until the last sentence which seems a little harsh.


The people who are very shy suffer greatly from embarrassment and self-consciousness. It is agony for a shy person to do some of the things which you may do every day without a thought. For example, a girl who is very shy may suffer great embarrassment if she has to walk across the floor of the classroom, because she thinks everyone is looking at her. These are the people who need to forget about themselves and get very interested in a hobby or sport.