MEN-SHAKING HANDS. At weddings, operas, or dances, and on all very formal occasions, men wear gloves. In shaking hands with women on these occasions gloves should not be removed. If a hostess wears gloves at any formal affair, a man wears his when he shakes hands with her. A man with hands gloved should never shake hands with a woman without an apology for so doing, unless she likewise wears gloves. A sudden meeting, etc., may make a handshaking in gloves unavoidable. Unless the other party is also gloved, a man should say: “Please excuse my glove.”
WOMEN. Gloves should always be worn on the street. At dinners, or formal teas, women should remove their gloves at the table and place them in their laps. At dinners and formal teas, when the women have retired to the drawing-room, they may resume their gloves or not, or follow the example of the hostess. At informal teas or “At Homes” the hostess need not wear gloves.