Editor’s note: These are the corresponding behavioral rules for women attending formal balls.


WOMEN AT. A mother should attend balls with her daughters, going and returning with them, and if she is not invited, they should decline the invitation. The father can act as escort if need be. After greeting the hostess and guests, the guests pay their respects to the head of the house if he is present. Taking leave of the hostess is unnecessary. It is no longer customary for a couple to enter arm in arm, but for the woman to precede the man. A mother, elder sister, or married woman takes the precedence over a daughter, younger sister, or unmarried woman. If not at once asked to dance, a young woman should take a seat by her chaperone. It is bad taste to refuse a dance with one man and then to dance that same dance with
another. Both the hostess and the women wear their most elaborate costume for such an entertainment—decollete, short-sleeved, and a long train. For a less elaborate affair the costume may be plainer.