Editor’s note: If you don’t like his nerd hobby, fake it!

Well, if petting is nor one of the requirements for popularity, or friendship with a boy, what is? I believe I would put common interests first on my list. But listen to me- this is a secret for you to hear, but not to tell. Suppose there is a boy you like a lot, but you can’t stand his hobby, stamp collecting. He is simply wrapped up in it. You can fool him!
Get busy and learn a little about stamps. Maybe a friend who has a correspondent in some foreign country will occasionally let you have one from a letter just received. Another acquaintance who finds out that you are interested may give you a rare one. Before you know it, you are as excited over stamps as your boy friend is; and you are having the best time together after school going over his album with him. And the more stamps you get for him, why there you are with a good friend. And he never knew that you didn’t like stamps!