Editor’s note: Obsolessons sends all of its love today to two very special ladies who are celebrating the most wholesome of friendships and the start of their married life together. We here at Obsolessons “simply adore” you.

I don’t mean crushes, where two girls “love each other to death,” or where a camper “simply adores” her counselor. These are all right at your age. But sometimes you see two girls who, as they grow older, want to be with each other exclusively. They don’t want each other to have friends among either boys or other girls.
If you suspect yourself of developing such an interest in
another girl, no matter how fine both of you may be, then watch out! You might be entering into what the psychologists call “an unwholesome friendship.” It doesn’t take any great knowledge of human nature to see that such a friendship is far from desirable. For every girl should want the companionship of boys, and, too, want the companionship of one special boy as she gets to the age when she naturally should be thinking of marriage.
After a girl has had too close and exclusive a friendship with another girl, she may find it very hard to grow into the capacity for friendship and love with the other sex.