Editor’s note: Never trust a guy who takes you to supper at the Piggie-Wiggie House.

“I met John under the oak tree, and he told me to hop in his car and we’d go for a ride, that he’d get me back in time for supper, and no one would ever know that I’d been away. It was a beautiful day for a drive; so why shouldn’t I? We drove and drove all over, and then he rook me for supper at the Piggie-Wiggie House. After supper he said that he thought it would be fun to dance a bit. It was a little rowdy, and I didn’t like the looks of the girls there, nor the boys and men, either. I also thought of my mother, and camp, and what you all would be thinking if you could see me. Bur I had not danced in so long! It really was fun, in a way.