Editor’s note: “Nothing mysterious” about this discussion of the ovaries, except at no point does the book actually describe where in the body to find them. There are also a few mentions of intercourse without ever describing what it actually is.

Well, there are two little glands in the body of every girl or woman, one on each side. They are called ovaries, because their job is to manufacture and turn out a tiny egg every month. The Latin word for egg is ovum. Nothing mysterious about that, is there?
But they also manufacture something whose action is mysterious, and hard to understand. It’s called estrogen; and it has the magic power of rurning a girl into a woman! It not only makes you look like a woman, instead of like a little girl; it makes you feel and think like one, too, and begin to dream about growing up, and falling in love, and marrying, and having children. And along with all these new ideas go a lot of vague, rosy-tinted dreams about boys, and later on about one special boy. This is what we call romance.