“Oh, I wish school were not going to close quite yet. I just hate to think that I won’t see Miss Cooper again for all summer. I did not expect to like algebra; but I studied my head off, just to have her give me one of her smiles.”
“I wonder why she never married,” added Jane. “You
know she’s old. She’s twenry-four! I’m sure she must have had several love affairs. I bet she was engaged to be married, and he was killed in the war. I certainly expect to gee married before I’m that old! I’m going to have eight children, and live in a great big house.”
“I’m never going to get married,” said Nell. “I don’t like boys. I don’t care if I’m never invited to a ball game. I am going to be like Florence Nightingale, and do something worth while in life.”
“And don’t you think it’s worth while to get married and have lots of children?”
“Well, maybe, but I just don’t want to.”
“I hope you won’t be like that awful Miss Miller, ‘whose hair droops round her pallid cheeks like seaweed on a dam.’ ”
They all laughed loudly.
“You wait and see. You’ll change your tune when you start having dates and fun with the boys.”
“And what do you call ‘fun’? Having a boy hold your hand and kiss you? My mother said it was wicked to allow a boy even to touch you. She told me about Edna who had to leave school because she let a boy touch her.”
“What about Edna? I knew she had to leave school; but what was it all about?”
“Why, didn’t you know she was going to have a baby?”
In utter amazement both girls almost shrieked, “No!”
“Tell us about it. I didn’t know you could have a baby if you weren’t married,” said Jane. “What an awful thing! I knew that everything was ‘hush, hush’ about Edna; but I never dreamed such a thing could happen at high school.
Rosemary ran off and got married. Bur Edna! she seemed so nice! I can’t believe it; and I can’t understand it, either.”
“Well, she just let a boy kiss her, and that is what happened.
My mother told me so.”
“I just don’t believe it,” added Jane. ‘Tm going to ask Lady when I get to camp. She knows everything, and she knows Edna. She’ll tell us all about it.”