Editor’s note: The book begins with Helen and Nell getting their bitchface on.

“MARY ANN JUST MAKES ME SICK THE WAY SHE FLOUNCES around at school as if she owned the universe.”
“Yes, she gives me a pain, too. I can’t stand the way she fixes her hair, as if she were sixteen years old. She’s big enough to be twenty, but she’s only fourteen: And have you noticed the lipstick she puts on? My mother would have a fit if I ever looked like that. I have to buy my lipstick without her knowing it, and put it on at school.”
The two girls, Helen and Nell, had been sitting at a table in the corner drug score, sipping a soft drink from a bottle. They had started co gee up, when who should walk in but Mary Ann and Jack. The girls inscantly sac back in their chairs, played with their bottles, and pretended co look the ocher way.
“Speaking of angels,” Helen whispered.
“Or should I say devils?” Nell muttered.
“Doesn’t she think she is wonderful having a date? She acts as if she owned him, but I saw Jack yesterday with Betty and the day before with Jane. Mary Ann needn’t act as if she were the only one.”