Editor’s Note: It’s interesting to see that the first place Mr. Morse went was to a gasoline powered vacuum. Also, I don’t know that any dust question has been finally and satisfactorily settled…

At present this method of cleaning is somewhat expensive, and is confined to localities where electric or other power is available. It is to be hoped, however, that vacuum-cleaning apparatus may be devised that can run by cheap gasoline or alcohol motors at a price within the means of the average family. These cleaners, by providing a vacuum, cause suction powerful enough to draw dust, dirt, and other small objects out of the fiber of carpets and hangings and from the surface of woodwork, furniture, and other objects. The dust is taken in through a suitable mouthpiece provided with a handle with which to guide it as desired, and carried, together with a current of air, through a tube into a receptacle containing water. This may afterwards be emptied, and all dust permanently removed from the premises. There is little doubt that some such means of cleaning will eventually take the place of the broom and carpet sweeper in ordinary households, and that thus the dust question will finally and satisfactorily settled.