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Editors Note: I wonder how many people actually did this. Also, I like the illustration.

First, shake and brush the articles to remove dust and dirt. Remove rubber dress shields or other pieces of rubber, as they will be spoiled. Tack small articles together and wash larger ones singly in an earthenware jar, filled with gasoline and allow them to soak for an hour or more. If the jar can be put in a pan which is surrounded with hot water (but not on a stove or near any open flame), the gasoline will do its work quicker and better and will be less disagreeable for the hands. After soaking, work the articles about, rubbing carefully between the fingers, or rub the spots with a toothbrush or nailbrush having fairly soft bristles. Or dip the brush into a small can of gasoline set into a pan of hot water. Squeeze the gasoline out of the garments and put them into a second jar, into which pour fresh gasoline, meantime putting other articles to soak in the first jar. A third jar may be used if necessary. After rinsing in the second or third jar squeeze the garments quite dry, stretch carefully to their proper shape, and thoroughly evaporate by airing them on a line.